Monday, May 21, 2007

my first blog post

I finally looked the devil in the eye and set up my first blog - spurred on by our upcoming trip to Europe. Now friends, family and any other voyeur can follow our trail as we experience our very own 'grumpy old eurotour'. Have just found out that Garry and Lilla will be in France & Italy around the same time. Will our paths cross??? Stay tuned for more ....


Sal & Dave said...

Hi Belinda and Chris,
Bundeena feels different without you here. Wondering whether your into the cullinary delights of Honkers yet - please keep us informed. As dedicated hedonists we must know and it's your duty to keep us informed (no pressure).
From Sal: I'm excited to see your route through Scotland goes close to my ancestral home on the way to Inverness. I'll find out more from Fiona and pass on to you.
From Dave: Come back Chris. Your team has lost the will to fight without you! You must return forthwith or the Crows are doomed!
love, Sal & Dave

belinda_ann said...

Hey Sal & Dave
Miss you too, need friends to share culinary adventures or we have to eat too much! See Hong Kong post for more about food.
love xx