Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hong Kong to London

Two days in Hong Kong was of course not enough. Lots of walking/eating. While there's a million shops and flashy tourist spots, it's not hard to find street life and food. Downtown Kowloon where we stayed is a mad jumble of shops, signs and traffic.
We ate:
Congee (rice porridge) for breakfast
Pork buns, flaky pastries and custard tarts for lunch
Duck and seafood for dinner
The best was - mussels in black bean sauce.

We wished for friends to be here so we could order lots more dishes!
The landscape is surreal - science fiction - wild mountains surrounded by water, studded with skyscrapers.
Sea eagles constantly swoop over the harbour.

Now we're in London at last, after a 12 hour flight. Met Bob's family and celebrated with champagne and duty-free whisky. Feeling a little dazed this morning.

Love to all friends who visit here!


JKA said...

Hi Belinda & Chris, So pleased to see your first post Australia entry. Wish we could have been there to share a few dishes with you. Great pictures - where was the one of the two of you at the end taken. Looks interesting.

belinda_ann said...

The pic was taken by Bob (Chris's brother) at Hampstead Heath (their local park).
The next pic is of Chris and Bob together at Crouch End, where they shared digs 30-something years ago.
B x