Wednesday, June 13, 2007

London to Paris to Normandy

Pics added!

Two days in LONDON with Bob and Libby and son Vinnie (13), eating (and drinking of course), very artistic flat in Hampstead. London is full of character and history but v. expensive. Food ok, not a patch on France.
Two days in PARIS at Peter's studio - beaucoup de fun, drinking (and eating of course), then to Normandy for Bob's party. Wow - what a fabulous house! Met more family (daughter Barbie - Dan's age, son Darian - 28), and lots of friends - a wonderful time.
Now back in Paris for some serious sightseeing and ART. A last night partying with Peter before he returns to his Strasbourg home.
- All day bus pass in London took us all around the city including Tate galleries (Britain and Modern)
- Eating yummy cheese and drinking wine at Peter's studio (17th arondissement)with Peter and his mad Norwegian friend Sverre.
- Anselm Keifer show at Grand Palais
- Buying fab old dress and shoes at the Marche au Puces (flea market) in Paris
- Being with Bob et famille in Normandy, the birthday lunch (tarte au escargots, canard farci au foie gras), talking to their neighbour Jean and realising that I can still speak (very rudimentary) French!
- buying fresh figs for $7 a kilo, eating with chevre (goat cheese), cheap as chips.
Paris is so beautiful and not expensive!

love to all from B & C xx


Anonymous said...

jealous, jealous, jealous.
Fire crackling in the background and bitterly cold outside. Love the blog, wish we were there.
Love from all in Armidale

Sal & Dave said...

Hi Belinda and Chris, sounds like you're having a bloody good time - no surprises there and to be expected. As president of the BHS you are commended for your efforts and will receive the La Grande Bouffe Award on your return.
Weather here is merde! Torrential rain, gale force winds and flooding.
I spoke to Garry yesterday. He's busy organising his trip, and doing OK.
Thanks for photos. We are living vicariously, sad but somehow satisfying. I can't wait to see dress and shoes acquired in Paris.
We await your next instalment eagerly.
Love, Sal and Dave
PS will have Liver Replacement Unit on standby.

Anonymous said...

Hey you two wonderous travellers.
I think Sal and Daves idea of a Liver replacement Unit is definately called for.
Good for you having the best time while we are freeeezzzzzing our little tooshes off.
Just got a little parcel from my sister who is over in Engalend at the mo. Dont really know when and for how long you will be there and I'm sure you have only a few things planned.
If you are anywhere near the Yorkshire Sculpture Park...GO....Andy Goldsworthy has he's works spread out over a lush area of land and from the comments and the reviews, I would'nt miss it.
Maybe you would??
It's Free.
I know it is all the best for you guys and hope it continues.
Just make sure you have a few bevys for us.
XX's & OO's
Sonja and Keith

Anonymous said...

Hey just thought too,
Antony Gormley is on at the Hayward. Southbank Centre.
The show is called Blind Light.
Looks Good!!!