Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris to Venice - now with pics!

Chris & Kandinsky at the Pompidou
Belinda at Peter's studio in Paris
Our anniversary dinner
Belinda with 'antiques' at the Marche au Puces
Dinner at Sarah's
Chris with Gondolas
Chris at Biennale
Belinda in Venice laneway
Belinda in picnic spot (view from picnic spot)

It's been a while - internet access surprisingly hard to access (& expensive) in some places, and we're so busy having fun!
Finished our Paris visit with day-long trips to the Louvre (highlights - El Greco, and the architecture) and Pompidou (highlights - Annette Messager, Kandinsky, the view). A wonderful anniversary dinner at a local bistro (for the foodies - sardines rillettes, terrine foie gras, duck breast with coriander mash, veal kidneys with ravioli and asparagus). Finished the visit with a dinner at my friend Sarah's beautiful apartment in Neuilly with her family.
Then a long train ride to Venice! The rail strike that had been mentioned didn't happen, but our train ran late so we had an hour to kill at Milan station - very huge, busy, dirty.
Venice is a dream, unreal, like stepping into a labyrinthine video game with no escape! It IS full of tourists, unbearably in some spots, but not hard to get away from. We stayed in a residential area on a small campo where locals gather to chat and children play - very charming. Hostaria next door had set menu including wine for 10 euros - great value for Venice! Two full days seeing the Biennale which was huge!, so we stayed an extra day to see Venice, walk and take photos. Great fun!
Am still trying to get my last batch put on disc so I can upload them - stay posted!

B&C xx

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